Married By Abbey

Art Direction
Brand Design
Social Media
Those clients that want to push boundaries, you know the ones that are on board to actually do something different than the norm in their industry?

Abbey is one of them.

I’ve stayed away from the marriage and wedding industry as I felt that no matter what I did, the client would always want something that has already been done a million times (I’m looking at you, serif typefaces with floral ornament logos).

Abbey wanted her personality reflected in her branding, which is bright, energetic and full of life. Of course this goes against her old branding and the normal logos and artwork that you see in the industry. This was music to my ears and actually jumped at the chance.

Working with Abbey, we came up with a solution that would stand out on all her touch-points in print and online. We developed a system for her that is easy to use while going about her busy schedule.

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