GlobalHQ Brand

Brand Design
Art Direction
GlobalHQ is New Zealand’s leading specialist provider of agri information in print and online.

GlobalHQ delivers independent and authoritative information to a broad demographic - from on-the-ground farmers to boardroom execs of major agri-businesses both locally and overseas.

GlobalHQ is a strong believer in ‘thinking global, acting local’. The GlobalHQ Pin logo embodies this thinking. It represents the location pin you will find on a map or GPS app.

It was important while creating this brand that I kept in mind that GlobalHQ, while very ingrained in the New Zealand rural scene, it is open to any idea that comes across the desk. Therefore, I couldn’t keep this brand pigeonholed in agriculture. It is a flexible brand and can be scaled to suit any projects or products the GlobalHQ team would like to take to market.
GlobalHQ logo in different colour ways.

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