Conquest By Clique

Art Direction
Game Design
Social Media
"Inspired by the great space race and futuristic films of the 1950s & ‘60s, Conquest references bold design decisions reminiscent of the era." - Clique

Using the strategy that we came up with at Superbold for the release of Clique's new line - Conquest, I designed, art directed and created all the elements for an 80's space invaders type game.

I created the user's ship, multiple different enemy ships, explosions, different effects that would either help or hinder the user. Once everything was designed, and different scenarios were worked through, I worked closely with a third party developer, who bought the game to life.  

The game was a success for Clique. We had players competing with each other, sharing their results on Instagram and tagging their friends to do better. We had over 6,500 people sign up, and play the game - Conquest By Clique.

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